Healthcare organizations rely on hydrogen peroxide , peracetic acid, and ethylene oxide to sterilize medical instruments needed in patient care–-from endoscopes to surgical equipment. These gases are often used to sterilize instruments that are sensitive to the heat or moisture found in steam-based sterilizers.

This requires workers to be exposed to high concentrations of these gasses to ensure their effective use which places sterile processing workers’ health and safety at risk.

Active, continuous monitoring for hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid takes the guesswork out of creating a safe workplace, reducing risks and providing next-level protection for your teams and your business.

  • "We have used ChemDAQ systems in the hospital for over a decade. The equipment is reliable, support is handled well and the every 4 months sensor exchange program means we can keep our monitors performing well without having to worry about calibration."

Boston Children's Hospital
VA U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Cleveland Clinic
CHI Health
Brigham and Women's Hospital